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Eric & Renae Hux, of Hux Racing, are the the proud owners of this build... It's aK24a4 all motor with a shot of Nitrous..The car has factory leather seats, carbon fiber hood... Gas tank in the front... Total weight of this kswapMR2 >>> 2275lbs 11.59 in the 1/4 with 120 shot of nitrous


Michael Saliszewski CANNIBAL K24a2, 05 tsx

All the way from the Virgin Islands, Erik Chapman was the 1st to order a CANNIBAL kit before even finalized... He was also the 1st running CANNIBAL > not just in the Virgin Islands, but in the world... His is a K24a2

Clinton Eastwood Jackson's BADASS FWD Toyota ride... Turbo Kswap... 

Darrell Hockenbury

Leng Vang

Lionel Mata K20a2 Cannibal.... Look at the difference in the before and after pics... Great job, Lionel

Awesome build by

Renwick Batiste

Drop a Kswap in your MR2 and watch people literally come unglued.... LOL... 

Eric Hux >>> The amazing master mind behind it all... A machinist by trade >>> Performance Automotive Professional by hobby... Eric got his personal MR2 in 1995... He has been in the MR2 business for at least 2 decades... He is known worldwide for his quality work and his honesty... People from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Repulic, UK, Caymen Islands, USA (of course) and the list goes on... His parts can be found on some of the fastest MR2s in the world... He may not be your cheapest, but we promise, he will be your best

You might recognize Brandon Wilbur's 900+ Kswapped MR2 from the vids on YouTube and Facebook.

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