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 SW20 K Swap Plug and Play Conversion Wiring Notes
Info brought to you by Eric Hux of Hux Racing, LLC

Video showing the wiring modifications listed here can be found here "SW20 Plug and Play wiring How to".   You must also follow the companion video "SW20 Chassis Harness Rework"

Hybrid Racing Universal Harness instructions found here.

I chose to build the Plug and Play portion from a known reputable product. The Hybrid Racing Universal K Series Conversion Harness part number HYB-CWH-01-99. There are cheaper versions out there but I can not guarantee their wiring scheme is compatible with the rework I describe here. 

These notes will assist you in performing the plug and play (PNP) work to the Hybrid Racing Universal K Series Conversion Harness to simplify your wiring.

    Starter Relay Wiring  : More info Here

Relay Socket Pin 85  To Molex Pin 6

Relay Socket Pin 86 To Molex Pin 7

Relay Socket Pin 87 To C101 pin 16

Relay Socket Pin 30 To Fuse Block To IE2

     Alternator Light Wire

C101 Pin 8  To Molex Pin 8

     Reverse Lights

C101 Pin 2 To Molex Pin 1 ( combined with Ignition on wire)

C101 Pin 1 To Molex Pin 4 

    Fuel Pump Relay

Pin 87 To Fuse Block To Molex Pin 2 (Blue wire, max 255lph pump on this circuit)

    Main Relay

Pin 85 To Fuse Block To IE2

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