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SW20 Drag wheel fitment:

Hopefully the pics and info here help you make sound wheel and tire choices. 

Some things to note. A drag radial works better with a slight stretch. 225 on a 9" wheel, 275 on a 11" wheel. The issue is this 275 on 11 fitment will be far too wide for an SW20. You will find most run an 8" wheel to control the side wall section width. Its now up to you to choose a backspacing that puts the tire in a position you are comfortable with. I find the magical fitment is a 15x9 with 6.5 backspacing, but its tough to find this in a good wheel.  Another thing to consider is the SW20 relies on rear squat and soft spring rates for weight transfer. A tire setup that "pokes" beyond the fender lip will require excessive ride height or unnecessarily stiff spring rates. 

 Have a unique fitment to share. Send pics and info to


This is my personal car. Weld Alumalites

15x9  6" backspace                            225/50 Mickey Thompson Street R

15x3.5   2.25 backspace                    22.5 Mickey Thompson front runner

Hux Racing control arms front and rear. Hux struts, 1.0 degree camber.

1/4" wheel spacers or a slight caliper clearance will clear factory brakes. 

ransom Hall 16-8.jpg
ransom Hall 16-8.-2jpg.jpg

Ransom Hall's 93

16x8 +35 255/50/16 micky et street ss

Fronts are 16x7 +38 Ion a 205/55 hankook rs4

Using Hux Racing control arms

b boo 2.jpg
b boo.jpg

Brian Gaddy 91

Jegs SSR wheels

15x8 +27(5.5")  275/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET Street R

Stock control arms, Stock struts, 1 degree camber

frank souza.jpg

Frank Souza

17 x 9.5  +38   275/40/17 Hoosier 

Stock control arms,   Wilhelm Coil overs, Rolled fender lips, 2.5deg camber.


Merter Gencer

Jegs SSR wheels

15x8 5.5 backspace  275/50 Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S 

15x4  1.75 backspacing 24x5.0 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R 

Hux Racing control arms,  

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