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K-series O2 Wiring and Connector info

Please note: Hux Racing DIY wiring kits already have O2 wiring in the relay panel.

This info pertains to the Factory Primary O2 (wide band)
 02-04 RSX K20 O2 connector wiring  info:

Pin 1 - C101 19
Pin 2 - C101 13
Pin 3 - Relay pin 87 (O2 heater relay) and C101 15
Pin 4 - C101 10

05-06 wires the same with the exception of Pin 3 only runs to relay, it does not need to tee into c101
C101 pin1 location (white wire)
This is chassis harness side,  what you will be wiring to.
This is engine harness side of C101. Back of connector
RSX ECU pinouts C101.gif
 KPro wiring diagram . Shows full O2 wiring
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