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                  SW20 Fuel Pump Wiring Notes
Info brought to you by Eric Hux of Hux Racing, LLC

This diagram details how to wire a remote relay using a ground trigger. I do not recommend running larger than a 255lph pump from factory wiring. Pumps larger than 255lph will drop voltage to the ecu and engine. The wiring into tank is fine for a 350lph pump, just the power supply should be upgraded. I do not like powering a relay from a relay. If you are currently running a relay that is powered by the rear 40 amp supply, it is best to just remove the relay and jumper the pins to send the relay trigger signal forward in the car.  The diagram below is for KPro use but the "ECU" pin position could be for any ECU that uses a "low side" or ground output to trigger a relay.

20210727_083609 (2).jpg
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