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AW11 Kswap FAQ by HuxRacing


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Q.  What about motor mounts.

A. Hux Racing offers poly inserted mounts that allow you to bolt in a Honda K series with Honda k20 (rsx or civic si ep3) transmission into your 84-89 AW11 MR2.  


Q. Is this for the k20 or k24.

A. We offer mounts for either block. The only difference being the mount on the timing chain side. The k24 block is 19mm taller and forces a mount change. 


Q. Which transmission can I use. 

A.  The mounts will work with most k20 transmissions, 5 or 6 speed. RSX and Civic SI ep3 will work. Please note Civic transmission will need the RSX shifter mechanism accessible from he top of the transmission. Sorry we can not use the k24 transmissions due to lack of front and rear mounting bosses. 

Q. Do you have a plug and play harness for the aw11 k-swap?

A.  Hux Racing will be adding DIY info to to help you wire it yourself.  You will need to source an 02-04 RSX engine and charge harness to simplify your swap. All tune-able ecu are based on the 02-04 rsx pin outs. 

Q. What ECU can I use.?

A1. Hondata-probably the first choice when using the Honda trans since you will be able to use the honda speed sensor for launch control and boost by gear.  You will need to address the dash speedo issue at this point.

A2. AEM Infinity 5-this is the ECU I purchased for my personal kswap  . I used the ka24a4 harness and pinned it to the AEM connector.  This is the hard way out. 

A3. Haltech PNP for the RSX-another good option as it is set up for the k20/k24 and gives you the ability to swap speed sensors( good for either trans choice)

A4. You can use any ECU you prefer to control the K.  


Q. What do I do about the radiator lines?

A. I have chosen to use the water necks that trac-tuff sells for the left/upper neck.  Univeral cut to length hose will work. The aw11 is better than the sw20 in this regard as the hard lines point in the right direction. We should have some part #s up as customer cars get built.


Q. Heater lines ?

A. Simple ,the k will have two heater bungs just like the lump you removed.


Q.  What do I do about axles?

A. The DriveShaft Shop supplies the axles. Part #'s RA9045X2/RA9046X2

Q. How do I plumb the clutch hydraulic line to the Honda Trans.

 A.  Hux Racing offers a 1 piece clutch line solution. Easy Peasy


Q.  Will I have to modify my trunk wall to make this work?

A.  No, but many do to accommodate trunk mounted intercoolers and turbo plumbing.

Q.  What do I do about an exhaust ?

A. You will need to fabricate some plumbing to tie into your exhaust of choice. Most MR2 exhaust systems have a flange at the crossmember and you can easily tie your header or down pipe into it. It has been reported that the ram horn style header will clear.

Q. What do I do about shift linkage ?

A1. Using the Honda k20 transmission the most popular solution is the RSX shift box from Hybrid Racing and a set of Hybrid Racing Race cables for an RSX.  We sell a custom cable bracket for use at the transmission as well as a low profile shift box.

Q. What about air conditioning?

A. There is plenty of room to mount the Honda a.c. compressor. You will need to have a custom set of lines made.

Q. Will the RBC intake clear the front wall?

A. Yes, barely. The mockup was a k24 with RBC intake.

Q. Throttle cable?

A. The existing cable has plenty of length. You will need to fabricate a bracket . 


Q.  What about the fuel system?

A1. There is 2 ways you can do this.   I am using a GM C5 fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator and a fixed 60psi on my car. This would allow you to run the stock Honda fuel rail in an all motor combo.

A2. Boosted combo. An aftermarket fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator will be needed. You can feed off the stock mr2 fuel filter with an m12x1.25 to #6a.n. fitting. The factory Toyota return line is a simple hose barb.

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