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SW20 Speedo Sensor Notes:

                   Kswap Speed Sensor  Wiring for Auto Harness
When using the Auto RSX harness for a Manual  Kswap into an MR2 you will find that there is no speed sensor connector for the manual trans. These notes will help you to wire one in place. I have found that some of the Auto harnesses do not have a wire at A18. You can steal a pin from the unused Auto connector by ECU.
Honda Speed sensor connector 02-04 RSX
  White/Green    signal to A18 at ECU
  Black/Yellow       12v  to c101 9
  Black              Ground to A4 at ECU
02-04 speed Connector.webp
Auto Con.webp



                               Toyota Speed Sensor Wiring Info
I have attached info for the 91-92 Cruise control speed sensor and the 93+ speed sensor. This info can be used to send speed signal to Kpro or any other ECU. I do not recommend using the Toyota speed sensor for traction control as the signal is pretty choppy.  Boost by gear has proven fine. 

91-92 Sensor  Side                    Harness side
Pin 1 Power     Red                   Black/Yellow
Pin 2  Signal   Yellow               Violet                 
Pin 3 Ground  Black                White /Black

Pin 1 Power     Black/Yellow
Pin 2 Ground  Brown
Pin 3 Signal    Purple
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